NorConsulting – Recruitment company for qualified staff

Norconsulting is a global
recruitment consulting firm

We determine the right structures, skillset and mindset needed to deliver your strategy and help you put the right
people, in the right roles, supported in the right way to allow them and you to succeed.

What We Do?

With over 15 years of recruitment and headhunting experience, Norconsulting is a global recruitment, headhunting and executive search company. We create partnerships between businesses seeking talented and highly skilled professionals looking for jobs.

Norconsulting operates from Spain, London, Germany, Denmark, France, and Estonia, with core activities in over 15 countries.

Looking for talent?

When we partner with a client, our consultants take the time to gain a deep understanding of your organization so that we can develop a tailored and cohesive recruitment strategy. Our consultants focus on specific areas, enabling us to offer genuine in-depth knowledge regarding the unique challenges and requirements facing your business.

You might be looking for a whole team of software developers, or maybe you need an entire business development team to redefine your business’s direction completely. Whatever your needs, we will find the talent.

Searching for a job?

As Recruitment Consultants, we understand that everyone is looking for something slightly different in their next position. This is why our consultants work closely with you to thoroughly understand your skills, experience, and requirements. By getting to know you, we can find a position that is the right technical and cultural fit so that you are fulfilled both professionally and personally.