Norconsulting a global
recruitment consulting firm

From Spain to the world

Norconsulting is based in Spain and provides services to the world with
key support from offices in Denmark, Germany, Belgium,
and Estonia, with core activities in over 15 countries.

Banking and Finance

Consulting firms and accountancy, insurance companies, banks and financial institutions.


Engineering jobs in construction, life sciences, power generation, space, and heavy industries.


Development, data, digital and online, ERP, functional IT and cyber security.

Open Jobs


Recruitment company for qualified staff

With over 15 years of recruitment and headhunting experience, Norconsulting is a global recruitment company. We create partnerships between businesses seeking talented and highly skilled professionals looking for jobs.

Norconsulting operates from Spain, London, Germany, Denmark, France, Estonia, with core activities in over 20 countries.